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Dr Jenny Pynt and her husband Morris Alphandary are co-directors of StuVac Seminars. StuVac Seminars arranges and presents medical conferences featuring world stage keynote speakers. These health professional seminars take place  in adventure locations such as the Antarctic, Arctic, Galapagos Islands, Kruger National Park, Rwanda, Tannzania. Keynote speakers include Prof. Paul Hodges, Prof. Gwen Jull, Prof. David Sonnabend, Jenny McConnell AM, Dr Mary Magarey, Rani Lueder CPE, and Diane Lee and Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee, Doctoral candidate. The topics, tariffs and booking details  of these and future conferences may be viewed on the StuVac Seminars website.

Forthcoming conferences

15-24 February, 2013.  Quito and The Amazon Basin, Ecuador
"Neck Pain, headache and whiplash: Clinical Management"

 Speaker: Prof Gwen Jull PhD FACP

2014 Trekking the Bhutan with
Prof Paul Hodges
For full details go to or email

Past Conferences
The following amazing seminar/adventures have already been run. If you would like to see a similar program rerun please contact

16-27 September, 2012. Alaska and Vancouver
"Shoulder Syndromes and Scenery: Ultimate Alaskan Adventure" Pre IFOMPT
Speaker: Dr Mary Magarey

27 June-9 July, 2011, Amsterdam to St Petersburg 5 star cruise to follow WCPT

"The McKenzie method: Treat Yourself"

Speaker: Dr Helen Clare FACP PhD

July 16-27, 2011,
Galapagos Islands.

"When the pelvis gives way, it's tough to play: the role of the pelvis in recurrent hamstring and groin pain."

Speakers: Diane Lee and Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee

October 12-22., 2011
Tanzania safari with add on gorilla trek (Oct 8-12) and Mt Kilimanjaro climb (Oct 22-30)

"Managing pain by changing the brain: Insights from research and practice"

Speaker: Prof Paul Hodges

20-26 July, 2010. Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa

"Management of cervical disorders: Whiplash and cervicogenic headache"

Speaker:  Prof Gwen Jull

22 February - 12 March 2010. Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica.
in conjunction with Peregrine Adventures

"Intervention & Prevention in Health: Research to Practice."'

Speakers: Prof David Sonnabend and Rani Lueder CPE.

6-19 July, 2009. Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland
in conjunction with Peregrine Adventures

‘Treating lumbo-pelvic pain: stabilise, mobilise, energise, excise?’

Speakers: Prof Paul Hodges and his PhD candidate LJ Lee

9 -17 September &  16-24 September 2009, Galapagos Islands
in conjunction with Peregrine Adventures

"Evolving Understanding and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain".
Speakers: Prof Paul Hodges & Jenny McConnell AM

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